Get 15-30+ More New Patients
Booked on Your Calendar Monthly.

Leverage proven, done-for-you ad campaigns and a proprietary booking service to scale your practice faster WITHOUT doing more.

Why Breakthrough Coaching Partnered with POC

Passive Practice Growth

Our team manages all ads, follow up and appointment booking FOR YOU so you can save time and stay focused.

Practice Owner Focused

We specialize in one thing. Helping health experts like you book more new patients to scale faster.

Real Time, Trackable ROI

Results are all that matter. You'll always see every appointment set and every dollar made in real time.

What Other Docs Are Saying:

After over 18 months, Dr. Blake continues to grow his practice faster with our automated service.

Dr. Tyler is seeing more ideal patients every month!

Dr. Haley added $48,000 in
care plan value in month 1!

Dr. Lisa loved getting patients booked in her sleep!

Dr. Ryan had over 150 appt. requests in his first month and has been with us for over a year!

Dr. Kelsey gained 50-70 visits/wk in 6 weeks!

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You're One Step Away... From Passively and Profitably Booking More New Patients Year-Round.

David French, Founder

David French is the former owner of a successful branding agency and is obsessed with getting his clients exceptional results.

He’s also a big fan of innovation and always staying ahead of the curve to keep an edge of the competition.

He’s the CEO of POC and manages the marketing operations and client success team. 
You can find him enjoying a good business book or spending time with people he loves.

We help health experts grow their practice faster.

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